Career Resources

Virtual Career Fairs:  

The Workforce Singapore (WSG) has organised a few Virtual Career Fairs for #SGUnitedJob and has listed job opportunities with immediate vacancies. Check out the Virtual Career Fairs to explore roles in the Financial, Engineering and other industries. It also features jobs mainly involved in the fight against COVID as well as openings from businesses whose manpower supply has been disrupted during this period.

If you are looking for a wider range of job opportunities or for something in the longer term, you can visit this job portal. It uses skills-matching algorithm to showcase jobs that meet an applicant’s skillsets. uous) wor

4 Complimentary CET Courses to enhance your employability:
In Apr 2020, MOE announced that fresh graduates from the Class of 2020 will be able to enjoy 4 Complimentary Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses offered by their own alma mater. This is the time to start thinking about taking up some courses to equip yourself with new skills and open up more doors to opportunities in other sectors.  As an alumni, you also have additional credits to ​enable you to select from a wider range of courses from NTU’s CET courses. Start exploring these courses here.

Job Opportunities – From Alumni for Alumni:
NTU Alumni Affairs Office has also provided some support to NTU graduates by sharing job opportunities offered by senior alumni through the NTU Alumni Portal. Click here to check out the available jobs using your network account 

For more career resources, you may visit the following websites:

·       Career support and resources:

·        Educational and career development resources:

​​​·        Career resources for postgraduates:​