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​Economics Seminar | Cooperative Behaviors in Group Giving

Published on: 18-Sep-2019

EventCooperative Behaviors in Group Giving
Prof Yukihiko Funaki
Professor of Economics, Dean of Graduate School of Economics, Director of Economic Science Laboratory,
Waseda University
Date18 Sep 2019 (Wed)
Time3:30pm – 5:00pm
VenueHSS Meeting Room 5 (HSS-04-94)

About the Seminar
Charitable giving is sometimes made collectively by a group of people. This form of philantrophy, called group giving, is gaining popularity in practice, but little has been studied in literature. Accordingly, a laboratory experiment is examined to conduct how group giving reacts to different rebate and matching subsidies that are awarded based on the collective giving level of a group. The results show that group giving is particularly effective in boosting a giving rate in a stepwise rebate and matching schemes. A stepwise rebate and matching seem to encourage major contributors to contribute even more so that a threshold is crossed for sure. In contrast, group giving slightly drives down a giving rate in proportional schemes. These results provide useful information for charitable organizations to develop a new intervention to increase charitable giving. This study also supplements the existing literature by providing empirical results on group giving. 

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