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Han Suyin Scholarship (in Translation Studies)

Published on: 25-Apr-2017

Venus.jpgThe School of Humanities and School of Social Sciences in NTU congratulate Venus Goh Qianyi (Year 4, Public Policy and Global Affairs) on receiving the 2016-17 Han Suyin Scholarship (in Translation Studies).

Speaking on her award, Venus said, "As someone who takes pride in being bilingual, pursuing a minor in translation came as a very natural choice. I started out on this journey of translation simply to keep in touch with Mandarin Chinese during my undergraduate years. But this experience has come to shape me in more ways than I could have imagined. up translation has given me the chance to 're-learn' languages. The intricacies of the English Language and Mandarin Chinese had never been this apparent when I previously studied them as two separate languages. But when juxtaposed against each other, it somehow made for a deeper understanding and appreciation."

The Han Suyin Scholarship Fund (In Translation Studies) is open to needy students pursuing an undergraduate degree with a Minor in Translation from the the School of Humanities, NTU.

The objectives of the Han Suyin Scholarship Fund (In Translation Studies) includes: 1) to support and develop the culture of significant translation endeavors between the English and Chinese languages; 2) to promote appreciation and recognition of excellence in translation works; 3) to expand the capacity and range of translation teaching and advising within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; 4) to connect faculty and students to the core activities of translation excellence.

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