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​GE2020 Sengkang GRC: Alarm bells rang when residents were 'a bit hostile' towards PAP's team during campaigning period

Published on: 12-Jul-2020

Asia One (off The Straits Times), 12 Jul

There were some residents who gave the two People's Action Party (PAP) candidates - Mr Ng Chee Meng and Mr Amrin Amin - the cold shoulder, as they went around their campaign in Sengkang GRC, said a party volunteer. This was one of the early signs that not all may be well came midway in the campaign. On one of the reason for the PAP lost in the GRC, Asst Prof Walid Jumblatt Abdullah from NTU said it could be due to the smear campaign against the opposition candidate Ms Raeesah Khan. "Younger voters and minorities were quite upset at how they perceived her to be treated," he said. 

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