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​HSS Sociologist wins Canadian Sociological Association’s Early Investigator Award 2015

Published on: 17-Jun-2015


Assistant Professor Md Saidul Islam received the Early Investigator Award 2015 at the Canadian Sociological Association Banquet in Ottawa.​

Assistant Professor Islam, a Canadian Sociologist, received his PhD from York University in 2008, and joined Nanyang Technological University the next year. His research productivity has been absolutely outstanding, with two sole-authored books (and another under contract), 14 peer reviewed journal articles (including a co-authored publication in Science, one of the most influential publications across disciplines and article in top environmental sociology journals), and 18 books and commissioned papers. Of course we do not adjudicate the Early Investigator Award on the crude metric of productivity alone – the importance of one’s contributions and quality of one’s research are crucial. In this respect, Dr. Islam is also a standout. His research bridges the sociology of development, globalization, and the environment, making important contributions to each. Dr. Islam’s first book, published by Routledge, Development, Power and the Environment: Neoliberal Paradox in the Age of Vulnerability present seven case studies of the critical global sustainability challenges such as food regimes, climate change, and disaster vulnerability, offering a new framework of a “double risk” Society f​or the global South. Offering a trenchant critique of the neoliberal paradox and development as historical project of power, it concludes by presenting alternative pathways to sustainable development. His second book, published by the University of Toronto Press, Confronting the Blue Revolution: Industrial Aquaculture and Sustainability in the Global South, is a fascinating study of the global shrimp commodity chain linking sites in the global South (Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia) to the global North. Drawing on extensive fieldwork, it draws out the critical role of new forms of neoliberal environmental governance in shaping (in part through silence and omissions) not only environmental change, but also labour patterns and gender relations. It is first rate work that will no doubt have a lasting impact on his field, and that has important implications for all of us as citizens and consumers. 
​About the Award: 
“The Canadian Sociological Association Early Investigator Award honours sociologists who have made significant research contributions within the first ten years since the completion of their PhDs. The award recognises research demonstrating high quality, theoretical rigour and/or methodological innovation, and future potential. Furthermore, the research should make a significant contribution to the candidate’s field.”

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