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​GE2020: Climate change, LGBTQ issues matter to young voters, but not game-changing, say analysts

Published on: 08-Jul-2020

Yahoo Singapore
When Singaporeans go to the polls on 10 July, a sizeable number will be made up of voters born between 1981 and February 1999. This includes the oldest among Generation Z – according to popular stereotypes, the generation of digital natives with short attention spans and the more environmentally aware – who will be heading to the polls for the first time. Public policy and global affairs don Walid Jumblatt Abdullah from NTU said that rather than age, “class interest would probably be a more useful lens to put on when looking at the youth”. “Would a 24 year old living in a landed property have the same concerns as a 24 year old living in a two or three-room flat?”

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