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​PAP lost the youth vote in Sengkang GRC

Published on: 18-Jul-2020


The Straits Times and Today both carried reports analysing why the Workers' Party (WP) won Sengkang GRC convincingly with 52.13 per cent of the vote. Although not explicitly mentioned, both reports converged on one point: The PAP lost the youth vote in Sengkang GRC. Another issue that gained traction among the young voters: The smear campaign against Raeesah Khan, which likely backfired on the PAP instead, ST reported. ST quoted Asst Prof Walid Jumblatt Abdullah from NTU. "Younger voters and minorities were quite upset at how they perceived her to be treated, and I think, this should demonstrate to the 4G that perhaps a new approach towards politics is needed," he said.

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