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​Parents hiding emotional stress

Published on: 21-Jan-2020

CNA, 10pm (live studio interview)

Parents from families with terminally ill children tend to hide their psychological pain from their spouses. This was found through a study led by psychologists at NTU. Instead, parents in Singapore prefer to support each other in pragmatic and solution-oriented ways. Lead author of the study Assoc Prof Andy Ho from the Psychology division at the NTU School of Social Sciences said the team embarked on the study because knowledge on the topic was lacking. The team found that while emotional sharing between parents is important, there is a time and space for it, and perhaps not in the immediacy of their child’s diagnosis. Based on the findings, the team developed a therapist-facilitated online app to give parents a platform to reflect on the strains they have during their free pockets of time. Writing about their traumatic experience can be cathartic and healing, Assoc Prof Ho pointed out. He added the app will be able to provide psycho-social and spiritual support to parent-caregivers on an online platform. 

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