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​PPGA Students Runner-up's at the 2015 Singapore Public Policy Challenge Competition

Published on: 10-Feb-2015


The team comprising Teo Jun Yean, Tan Yu Tong, Daminisree, and Ong Li Yan (from left to right) were awarded certificates of achievement for being finalists and a cash prize of $3,400 by the guest-of-honour, DPM Teo Chee Hean.

A Year 1 team from Public Policy & Global Affairs has done the university proud by clinching second place at the Public Policy Challenge 2015 organized by the Public Service Division. They were awarded certificates of achievement for being finalists and a cash prize of $3400 by the guest-of-honour, DPM Teo Chee Hean. The team comprises of Ong Liyan, R Daminisree, Tan Yutong and Teo Jun Yean. The Public Policy Challenge is an exciting and challenging case study competition set in Singapore’s national policy context. This year, more than 240 undergraduates and postgraduates and 80 teams from the various tertiary institutions battled it out to solve a stimulating case question on the kind of jobs that should be created for Singaporeans in the future. It required them to be practical in their considerations but also creative in their approach to solving one of the prime concerns of our nation.

Besides writing a policy paper, the team had to present and defend the various policies they had proposed to two panels of senior-level government officials, comprising of senior directors from the various ministries and permanent secretaries. “Not only the judges, but the participants too posed us valid questions. It was an enriching learning exchange between everyone present there. I personally feel what made our policies standout was our emphasis on wanting Singaporeans to experience greater work-life balance, to follow their passion and to level the playing field so that future growth would benefit Singaporeans from all walks of life” says Daminisree, one of the team members.

The team attributes their growing interest in Public Policy to the high-energy discussions and debates that are part of the curriculum in their course. “PPGA gives me the opportunity to learn from excellent faculty members who are constantly challenging us to approach a problem from different angles. I think this experience in class was vital in the competition where we had to tackle such a complex problem with many stakeholders” shares Yutong. The team adds that Assistant Professor Yu Wenxuan who was their mentor for this competition played a key role in getting them to question deep-seated assumptions they had regarding governance and in prompting them to think of out-of-the-box solutions. “His guidance resulted in us proposing creative policies that really gave us an edge over the other teams. Outside of the competition, we picked an important skill of constantly evaluating our own assumptions in thinking, to generate alternatives and weigh options” the team shares.​

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