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​Parents' brains are in sync when looking after children together says new study

Published on: 13-May-2020

Yahoo Singapore, 13 May 

A new small-scale Singaporean study has found that parents' brains may be in sync when looking after children together, which could lead to better parenting. Led by NTU Singapore, the new research analysed the brain activity of 24 husband-and-wife pairs in their prefrontal cortex, which is associated with complex behaviour and emotional states, in various situations. The findings showed that the couples' brains demonstrated greater synchrony, which is similar brain activity in the same area of the brain, when they were exposed to the sounds together not separately. "Our study indicates that when spouses are physically together, there is greater synchrony in their attentional and cognitive control mechanisms when parenting," said senior author of the study, Assoc Prof Gianluca Esposito

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