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​Getting S’poreans to help integrate new citizens a welcome move

Published on: 20-Feb-2020

The Straits Times, page A1 & A18

An outreach launched or the compulsory Singapore Citizenship Journey programme is asking Singaporeans for their inputs on the current courses that new citizens undergo before receiving their identity cards. The aim is to build common ground. Experts said the move is a step in the right direction. Asst Prof Laavanya Kathiravelu from NTU’s School of Social Sciences said a point of contention is the notion that new citizens do not understand or comply with certain everyday social norms in Singapore. “It is imperative that Singaporeans are heard, as they have experiences of interacting with foreigners and new citizens and are aware of the ways in which misunderstandings and conflict can emerge, and also have opinions of what the key fault lines are,” she said.

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