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​Great green stimulus: Covid-19 and the green new deals

Published on: 26-May-2020

The Straits Times, page 15

Across the world, various countries are rolling out plans for a greener future. The massive stimulus packages to rebuild post-pandemic economies offer an unexpected opportunity to drive advances in cleaner technologies and create new industries and jobs. But with the desire for change must come a measure of caution and careful calculation, said Prof Euston Quah, Director of the Economic Growth Centre at NTU. In Singapore's case, renewable energy won't displace fossil fuels entirely for years to come, he said. "Switching to non-fossil fuels and embracing a direction towards a low-carbon economy is the right initiative and objective. This is a long-term objective. The unique circumstances of Singapore, however, require us to move carefully in planned stages," Prof Quah said.

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