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​Budget 2020: A game changer for Singapore's climate policies?

Published on: 03-Feb-2020

The Business Times, page 1 & 3

As climate change increasingly occupies public discourse in Singapore, observers are expecting it to feature more strongly in Budget 2020, alongside the government's priorities in business restructuring and social spending. Prof Subodh Mhaisalkar, executive director of the Energy Research Institute @ NTU, said buses and taxis ply the most miles in Singapore, so "converting these fleets to EVs is a very big needle mover". He said that it may be worth considering having disincentives such as a tax on petrol or diesel and use that to offset paying for charging infrastructure. The Budget may also see policy changes which guards against 'greenwashing'; companies pretending to go green. Dr Euston Quah, an economist and Albert Winsemius Chair Professor from NTU, believes 'greenwashing' can be a problem when companies pledge to use less plastic or when hotels advocate reusing towels to save the environment without passing on the savings to consumers.

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