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​Study suggests parents with terminally ill children tend to hide emotional pain from their spouses

Published on: 16-Jan-2020

Medical Xpress (UK)

A study of families in Singapore with terminally ill children found that parents tend to defer discussing their psychological pain with their spouses to protect them from emotional distress. Conducted by psychologists at NTU through interviews, the study revealed the parents' preference to support each other in pragmatic and solution-oriented ways such as discussing treatment options, arranging care plans and sharing caregiving responsibilities. Informed by the research findings, lead author Assoc Prof Andy Ho Hau Yan from the Psychology division at the NTU School of Social Sciences, and his PhD student, Ms Oindrila Dutta, developed a therapist-facilitated online therapy app known as Narrative e-Writing Intervention (NeW-I) to help parents whose children require palliative care.

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