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​How Singapore lost its grip on Covid-19

Published on: 21-Apr-2020

Asia Times

Singapore may have been a success story due to its early containment of Covid-19 through quarantines and contact tracing. However, the recent surge of cases of this disease, particularly among its low-wage foreign workers, could put an unprecedented strain on the city-state’s healthcare services. Health experts and rights groups attribute the soaring rate of transmissions to high-density conditions in the dormitories, where rooms are typically shared by 12 to 20 occupants.  

According to Laavanya Kathiravelu, an assistant professor at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, dorm operators who work on a profit-driven model don’t always have public health interests as a central concern. “Placing almost complete responsibility on employers means that information is often transmitted ineffectively and inaccurately. Language and cultural barriers contribute to this,” she added. 

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