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​Scholars: Minority candidates may not be disadvantaged. The size of the GRC should be reduced

Published on: 04-Sep-2020

Lianhe Zaobao, Page 10
The results of this general election show that minority candidates are not necessarily at a disadvantage. Some scholars suggested that the size of the GRC should be reduced to two people to strengthen election competition while retaining the original intention of setting up the GRC.  NTU SSS Asst Prof Walid Jumblatt raised a proposal to review Singapore’s election system when he spoke at NUS’s Tembusu Forum. He gave the examples of the Aljunied GRC team led by WP’s Pritam Singh which had three representatives of ethnic minorities but performed even better than previous election.  Similarly, Bukit Batok SMC MP, Murali Pillai also defeated DPS’ Chee Soon Juan for the second time in a single constituency with a high percentage of Chinese residents.

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