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Appointed Travel Agents​​ ​​
​SSS Guide on Integrated Claims System​​​​​​ ​

​​​All meals or refreshment claims (Example of such activities are seminars and conferences, official opening of centres, orientation programmes) must state the purpose of the activities and the list of attendees (see below). (Include the name and organization - e.g. University employees, guests and visitors to the University).​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note especially Section 9 of the Policy and Procedures for University Procurement Procedures​​ 

Please refer to userguides on how to create Purchase Request (PR) in ARIBA PSP system​​​​​
PR Approval Flow
Guide to Add Serial Approver before DOA Ap​​prover​​
All items are to be purchased through P2P ARIBA system, with some exceptions which can be fou​nd in 1.4.1 of the NTU Purchasing Policy and Procedures. 
For purchase above $6000 which requires Invitation to Quote (ITQ), please fill an ITQ requirement specification template, found here and attach to the PR in the ARIBA system
For NSS Procurement process, please contact NSS Procurement for their asstsance. For more information, refer to NSS Procurement website.
​​Book Purchases
Online guide on Purchases using School or Research Funds OR the ServiceNow knowledge article​​.



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