Master of Science in Applied Gerontology


Courses Offered (AY2020 Trimester 2)

Course Code & Title Course Coordinator(s)​
AG6003 Physiology and Biology of Ageing​
Asst Prof Navin Kumar Verma
Assoc Prof Lim Chin Leong Fabian
Dr Tew Chee Wee
AG6004 Applied Research in Gerontology
Assoc Prof Andy Ho
Assoc Prof Premchand Dommaraju​​​​
AG6102 Leadership and Management in Elderly Care
Dr Stewart L. Arnold
Dr Clive Choo
Dr Kenny Tan
AG6310 Entrepreneurial Gerotechnology
Dr Min-Kyoung Rhee
AG6314 Health Communication and Coaching
Asst Prof Lim Ni Eng
Asst Prof Kim Hye Kyung
Ms Susan Tan