Exchange Programme


About NTU_NUS PhD Student Exchange Programme

From June 2019 to June 2022, PhD students from NTU will be able to enrol for courses offered by the National University of Singapore. Under this new NTU-NUS PhD Student Exchange Programme, eligible PhD students from both universities can attend classes at the other university. Students from both universities can now benefit from a much broader and richer spectrum of PhD courses.
About Campus Asia-EAUI


​Campus Asia-EAUI was launched in 2011 with five partner universities: Korea University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, Tham​masat University and Waseda University. The EAUI aims to enhance the integration of East Asia through three pillars: student exchange, establishment of joint educational programmes and intellectual dialogue on East Asia. It promotes collaborative graduate education and aims to groom students to become effective leaders in regional integration, deploying a curriculum which emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and cross-cultural research and learning environments. It is a unique programme which brings together Asian universities to act as a cultural and scientific bridge between countries in Asia.

The eventual goal of EAUI is to launch an Asian interdisciplinary graduate school by 2020.


About Campus Asia-EAUI Summer School 2017


​The theme of the 2017 Summer School is “Asian Regional Community Building through Transnational Knowledge Exchange”. Asia is changing the global landscape as it works towards a unified economic, political and cultural community. To remain competitive, nations within the continent have to engage in information and knowledge exchange of expertise and interest. In an era of increasing global complexity defined by transational challenges, threats and opportunities, it is now more important than ever for countries to share of experiences, expertise and best practices. This has led to collaboration among Asian countries in the political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and technical domains. Consequently nations and leaders have forged deeper ties, giving rise to regional communities—such as ASEAN, the ASEAN Economic Community and the East Asian Community—towards building concerted governance, trading and business strategies. Drawing from the framework and dynamics of transnational knowledge exchange, the summer school will enable participants to understand the exchange of policies, experiences, information, expertise and best business practices among Asian nations towards building regional community in Asia.

The summer school offers lectures by leading scholars and distinguished speakers. Student-led group presentations as well as field trips and the international symposium are also scheduled as part of the​ programme​. ​​​​​