Graduate (by Research)



Kang Ni Ying Bianca, Psychology, MA, 2020
Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Analyst

I rea​lly enjoyed doing my Masters in Psychology (Research) at NTU. The program was very supportive and provided a lot of latitude for student growth. Under the guidance of my thesis supervisor – Professor Ringo Ho – I was allowed to select and pursue my own research topic in the exciting new area of computational social science. This, along with the other opportunities the school furnished, really bolstered my growth as a researcher. Besides frequently holding relevant workshops and seminars, the school also provided me with multiple invaluable experiences – there was funding to present my research at the 5th International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) in Amsterdam, co​nstant openings to work with other professors on their research and publications, and opportunities to act as a teaching assistant for undergraduate psychology research and statistic modules. The program was also flexible, allowing me to take up a summer internship with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), where I applied and refined the skills picked up over the course of my research in a relevant project. I have since joined DSTA as an analyst upon graduating from the program. Very little of this would have been possible without the strong support of my supervisor and the program – so, an unwavering thanks from me to Professor Ringo, SSS, and NTU for a wonderful two years.

Ariful Haque, Public Policy and Global Affairs, PhD, 2019
Embassy of Bangladesh, Tokyo, Commercial Counsellor

As a career civil servant, I had been working in the Bangladesh Administrative Service for 12 (twelve) years when I commenced my study in NTU and I graduated with a PhD in Public Policy and Global Affairs in 2019. Currently I am posted as Commercial Counsellor in the Embassy of Bangladesh in Tokyo, Japan where my key responsibility is to strengthen bilateral trade and economic diplomacy. The School provided me ample opportunity to develop theoretical knowledge through rigorous course works and teaching skills through tutoring in undergraduate courses. I can apply highly interdisciplinary tools and perspectives to my professional career. During my PhD journey, the School provided me funding and support to present papers in prestigious international conferences such as International Institute of Administration Sciences (IIAS), Joint Congress, 2016, in China, Third International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), 2017, in Singapore, and “Connected Life Conference”, 2017, at Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, in UK etc. The school also supported my summer study at School of International Studies in Peking University, China which gave me a wonderful experience. Having the opportunity to learn from the world-renowned professors with a wide range of backgrounds has helped me to be a better pracademic. I had also amazing experiences with the sincere and helpful officials and staff of NTU. I am highly grateful to my supervisor, Professor Yu Wenxuan who gave me all-out support to make my dream successful. My supportive, diverse and brilliant peers helped create a holistic educational experience in the beautiful campus. In a very multicultural and international perspective, living in Singapore with my family was a very gratifying experience that we always cherish in the heart.

Chen Shiwei, Sociology, PhD, 2019​

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (NTU-Imperial College London), Research Fellow

My candidature in the sociology programme at NTU was a highly stimulating intellectual journey with faculty who were encouraging and supportive all the way. I am also grateful to all the research support personnel from the school and the university libraries that have assisted me in countless ways throughout my doctoral pursuit. I am appreciatve of the interdisciplinary research environment and the inspiration that emerged from cross-disciplinary discussions. NTU has given me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and find my passion in social sciences. Studying in a global city has cultivated my research interests in transnational topics and provided me with numerous opportunities to participate in international academic events in Japan, South Korea, China, Poland, Germany, the UK and Canada. I gradually found my passion in migration study and advocating for minorities. With the guidance provided by NTU, I have come to the realisation of what I am enthusiast about and truly believe in, and feel prepared to continue my research journey.

Humairah Zainal, Sociology, PhD, 2018​

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (NTU-Imperial College London), Research Fellow

NTU’s PhD programme by research has honed my methodological and critical thinking skills. Beyond my dissertation, I have conducted research and published on a range of topics in international peer-reviewed journals. With the NTU Research Scholarship and generous research grant from the school, I have presented papers at both local and international conferences, including one at Harvard University. My advisor, Professor Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir, has been a huge inspiration and role model in my academic journey since the start of my doctoral programme. His dedication and scholarly competence have inspired me to complete my dissertation in a timely manner and to continually strive for excellence in my scholarly pursuits. I would not have gone this far without his professional guidance and advice.​​ My most memorable experience at NTU was engaging the undergraduates in meaningful sociological discussions, be it in tutorials, lectures or outside the classroom settings. As a graduate tutor, my teaching was recognised as exceptional in terms of student feedback scores, which surpassed the mean teaching scores for the School of Social Sciences every semester. In recognition of my teaching excellence, I won the Outstanding Graduate Tutor Award for Academic Year 2016/2017. I will always cherish the memories with my students, peers and faculty members at NTU! 


Liu Hengshuang, Psychology, PhD, 2018
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Associate Professor

I am grateful to my supervisor, Prof Annabel Chen, for her unwavering support during my Ph.D. candidature. I had the most challenging experience in my initial years due to medium of instruction and being in a foreign country. Through the mentoring I received from Prof Annabel I made strides in research and learning the English language. I was greatly motivated and bolstered by her encouragements to present in several world-class conferences in our field. I feel tremendously lucky to have had the training and opportunities in NTU. I am now an Associate Professor in a public University in China. I was also able to successfully receive a research grant funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Together with Prof Annabel Chen and Prof Suzy Styles we are working towards getting our paper published. I strive to live up to the standards invested and built in me by NTU.


Md. Nazrul Islam, Sociology, PhD, 2017

Shahjalal University of S​​cience and Technology, Professor​​​​

I did my M​​Sc. (International Relations, RSIS) and PhD (Sociology) at NTU, Singapore in 2012 and 2017 respectively. I went through a productive academic journey during these years. As a graduate student, I found NTU a world class center of academic excellence coupled with a diverse social and cultural mixture of students and faculties from around the world. My professors were profoundly informed, caring, and cooperative. Their sincere efforts of training students as future global leaders in diverse fields really made me proud. The non-academic staff were also professional, skilled and cooperative. NTU, as I saw, was a genuine global leader in higher education and research with a world class academic and social and cultural environment. My student life in campus and the residential hall at NTU was also vibrant, charming and pleasing. I am glad to say, ​NTU had fulfilled my expectations as a graduate student and contributed a lot to building my professional career as a university professor now. I would simply say, those who want to spend a colourful academic journey with a world class education and environment, they are advised to join NTU. Although NTU is young as a university, it is a global educational leader being in the top list of the QS and Times Higher Education world university rankings in the contemporary world. I am h​​onoured to express my sincere gratitude to all of my academic and non-academic staff who made my​ academic journey at NTU exceedingly happier. I am really proud of being an alumnus of NTU, Singapore.​

Yang Zhang Brenda, Economics, PhD, 2005
University of Macau, Associate Professor

I am so privileged to have graduated with my PhD in Economics from Nanyang Technological University. The major strength of the program lies in the supportive financial and other research infrastructure across the University. Most importantly, throughout my journey at NTU the level of care and interaction I received from my mentor was academically rewarding and personally enriching. Faculty members within and out of my committee always provided me with honest feedback and challenged me to grow. My study was benefited immensely by their guidance and encouragement that helped build my independent research stream and skills to learn new analytical methods and develop instructional curriculum, ultimately preparing me to be a good colleague at my academic placement. Since launching a rewarding career at University of Macau, I’ve continued to benefit enormously from the academic network of NTU and still have very close relationships with some of the faculty and peer students I worked with while in Singapore including a friend for life.  Overall, my educational experience at NTU was truly stimulating and inspiring which I thoroughly enjoyed and deeply appreciated. I hope you would consider to be part of this wonderful journey in your career. ​​

Kok Tsz Wing                            ​                                 Psychology, MA, 2021

Learning Innovation Advocate
Institute for Adult Learning Singapore​

Woo Yue Ting                              ​                                 Psychology, MA, 2020

Wye Chong Kit Calvin
Sociology, MA, 2020 

Research Analyst
National University of Singapore

Programme Coordinator
National University Hospital

Ngo Thuy Anh
Psychology, PhD, 2020

Lee Kit Ying
Psychology, MA, 2019

Research Associate
Emmaus Strategies

Singapore Prison Service

Michelle Nee Si Hui
Psychology, MA, 2019

Assistant Manager
Ministry of Defence

Qin Xuan
Public Policy & Global Affairs, PhD, 2019

Tenure Track Research Position
Fudan University

Tan Sook Rei
Economics, PhD, 2019

Research Fellow
Nanyang Technological University

Breen Michael Gerard
Public Policy & Global Affairs, PhD, 2018

McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow
The University of Melbourne

Chan Gek Hoon Clara
Psychology, PhD, 2018

Psychology, PhD, 2018

Research Fellow
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Program Director

Xu Chengwei
Public Policy & Global Affairs, PhD, 2018

Research Fellow
Singapore Management University

Chua Hwee Chin
Psychology, PhD, 2017 

Ministry of Home Affairs (Home Team Academy)

Loh Han Zhou Lyon
Economics, PhD, 2017

Part-Time Lecturer
Economist, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Shaikh Mohammad Kais
Sociology, PhD, 2017

Associate Professor
University of Rajshahi (Bangladesh)

Bian Shiyao
Sociology, MA, 2016

Chen Miaohua
Psychology, PhD, 2016

Business Development Executive
Breakthrough Resources Pte Ltd

Singapore Police 

Zhang Yu
Economics, PhD, 2016

David Andrew Kirschner
Sociology, PhD, 2014

Sarah Chan Siaw Fume​​
Economics, PhD, 2014

Associate Professor
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

​Assistant Professor
Georgia Gwinnett College

Research Fellow
East Asian Institute 

Tan Kit Aun
Psychology, PhD, 2013

​Senior Lecturer
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Wong Teck Yenn
Public Policy & Global Affairs, PhD, 2013

Investor Relations, Biosensors International Group