Graduate (by Research)


Graduate Students Committee

​SSS-Graduate Student Club (GSC) serves as the voice of postgraduate students to provide a propitious and amiable working environment in the School of Social Sciences at NTU. The members work together to ensure smooth communication between students and the faculty and administration. Based on principles of diversity and inclusion, the club organizes research seminars, professional development workshops as well as social events for both professional as well as personal development of our students. 

​Role Name​ ​Subject ​Email (
​President ​Hicret Atilgan Psychology (PhD) ​ATIL0001
​Vice-President   ​Giulio Gabrieli ​Psychology (PhD)   ​GIULIO001​
​Honorary General Secretary   Wang Shuqi PPGA (PhD) SHUQI001
​​Honorary Financial Secretary ​Zhu Jiahua    ​Economics (PhD)   ​ZHUJ0020​
​Subject Representative (PPGA) ​Assel Mussagulova ​PPGA (PhD)  ​ ​MUSS0002  
​Subject Representative (Economics) Wang Yan ​Economics (PhD)   ​YAN006
Subject Representative (Sociology) ​Pending Sociology Pending
​Subject Representative (Psychology) Pan Lei Psychology (PhD) PANL0006
Social Convener & Welfare​ ​Liu Fang ​Economics (PhD) ​FANG006
​Office Manager Jing Lin Economics (PhD)  JING0014​