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Student Achievements

Paul Victor Patinadan presenting at University of Surrey’s flagship Doctoral College Conference.

Psychology Ph.D. student Paul Victor Patinadan was presented the Santandar Research Mobility Award at the University of Surrey’s flagship Doctoral College Conference in July 2019. The accolade is presented to promising specialist researchers to encourage international exchange and facilitate cross-border collaboration. Paul had presented his research on “Understanding and Facilitating Dignified Death and Holistic End of Life Care” to doctoral researchers and industry partners at the Conference in UK. 

Public Policy & Global Affairs Ph.D. student Assel Mussagulova was awarded the American Society for Public Administration Founders’ Fellowship in March 2019. ASPA's Founders' Fellows Program supports the next generation of public service leaders through a series of professional development opportunities. The Fellows attend and present at the Annual Conference on a subject matter related to their scholarship or work. Assel presented on one of the chapters of her doctoral thesis titled “The Impact of Bureaucratic Structures on Development in the Post-Communist Context.”

Winners at American Society for Public Administration Founders’ Fellowship. Third from left of second row: Assel Mussagulova.

Wayne_SA.jpgWAYNE_sa2.jpgWayne Freeman Chong Weien at the 3rd International Conference of Health Sciences in Indonesia.​

Psychology Ph.D. student Wayne Freeman Chong Weien was invited to be the pre-conference trainer on “Systematic Reviews in Health Sciences,” moderator on “Healthcare 4.0,” and oral presenter on “Caregiver Psychosocial Profile and Stroke Rehabilitation Use in Singapore” at the 3rd International Conference of Health Sciences in Indonesia where his audience were policy makers, researchers and academic in July 2019. The event was organized by the Jenderal Soedirman University.

Wayne also presented at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine’s Family Medicine Seminar in October 2019. His talk was titled Caregiver’s Well-Being and Long-Term Care Utilisation – The Role of Primary Care.​

​Other than the above mentioned talks, Wayne had previously given talks to staff and clients of the Anglican Care Centre in September and December 2018. His first talk on 'Accelerate Awareness' and second 'Learning Styles for Recovery and Growth' were part of a Movie Therapy Workshop.

Psychology Ph.D. students Sam Yan Ting Joyce, Dayton Leow Wei Yang and Alumnus Dr. V.Kopparumsolan were invited to give a talk on how technology can help to mitigate for the various challenges in polygraph assessment; specifically on how Virtual Reality may be used to recreate crime scenes and to improve eyewitness memory at the 54th Annual American Polygraph Association Seminar in Florida in August. Joyce shared the results of her study where memory recall in a virtual environment designed to resemble the original scene was found to be comparable to that in the actual physical scene. Moreover, memory performance in a virtual environment was also found to be better than memory recall produced by the use of photographs depicting the actual scene. The seminar was attended by individuals from the law enforcement and polygraph community - FBI, polygraph examiners, and personnel from the MINDEF Centre for Credibility Assessment in Singapore.


Photo from left: Oindrilla Dutta with Supervisor Assoc Prof Andy Ho

Oindrilla Dutta, Psychology Ph.D. student, received the Dr Hannelore Wass Cross Cultural Student Paper Award for her Conference Paper titled: The Lived Experien​ce of Bereaved Parents of Children with Chronic Life-Threatening Illness in Singapore presented at the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) 41st Annual Conference held in Atlanta on 11-13 April 2019. Dr. Hannelore Wass Cross Cultural Student Paper Award is presented to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate paper dealing with a topic related to dying, death, loss and bereavement where there is an emphasis or concentration on cross-cultural aspects of the phenomena studied.​


Stephanie Hilary Ma Xinyi, Psychology M.A. student, was the scholarship recipient of the IAFOR (International Academic Forum) at the 9th Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioural S​ciences held in Tokyo where she presented on 'A Wait-List Randomized Control Trial for a Novel Intergenerational Art-Based Intervention: Project Artisan' and 'The Arts for Ageing Well: An Ecological Process Model for Sustainable Arts Engagement'. The 9th Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ACP2019) was held in Tokyo from the 21st to 23rd March 2019. 
This conference was organized by the International Academic Forum (IAFOR), a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange through education exchange and academic research.​

Photo from left: Kwa Kai Xiang, Richelle-Joy Chia, Wendy Tan and Alvin Chan (SCBE).​​

Ph.D. students, Kwa Kai Xiang-PPGA, Richelle-Joy Chia-Psychology and Wendy Tan-Psychology won a Commendation Award for their research proposal at NISTH’s (NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity) ‘Ideas Challenge: ​AI for Humanity’ which aims to involve the entire campus communi​ty in mapping the fundamental issues and principles that would help guide the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the benefit of society and humanity. Their proposal laid out an ethical governance framework that sought to address key issues that an increasing AI influence on Singapore society can bring

Stephanie Hilary Xinyi Ma, Psychology M.A. student, SSS Master’s student, clinched all four awards at the Student Research Awards! She was awarded Best Writing, Best Oral Presentation, Best Poster and Overall Best Project in the Masters Category for her research paper, “The Arts for Ageing Well: Arts Engagement and Holistic Wellbeing among Older Singaporeans”. The Student Research Awards is organized annually by the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). It seeks to support young researchers, facilitate dialogue and maintain professional interactions among researchers. Candidates are assessed based on the novelty of research, theoretical and practical significance, robustness of research methods and statistical analyses as well as quality of research writing.​
​​Photo from left: Dr Koh Poh Koon, Deputy Secretary-General, National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and Stephanie Hilary Ma


The VSS Travel Awards, sponsored by Elsevier/Vision Research, are presented to twenty graduate students who have submitted highly-rated abstracts for the 2018 Meeting. On 21 May 2018, Mr Ang Jit Wei, a Ph.D. student in Psychology, received the Elsevier/Vision Research 2018 Student Travel Award for the Poster Presentation on “A potential benefi¬t of eye blinks? Boosted performance in an RSVP task after blinks (and blanks)” at the Vision Sciences Society annual meeting in Florida, USA.

Ms Nur Atiqah Binte Azhari, a Ph.D. student in Psychology, received the Summer Research Programme Award from RIKEN Brain Science Institution 15 March 2018. This award is given to outstanding research students worldwide and enables students to travel to Tokyo, Japan and undertake research for two months (June – August 2018). An extension of a marmoset study previously conducted at RIKEN, Atiqah’s research involved extensive pre-processing and analysis of physiological and micro-analytically coded behavioral data on dyadic mother-infant interaction. By comparing the human and animal models, the research attempts to identify the evolutionarily conserved behavioral and physiological mechanisms underlying mother-infant interaction in mammalian species.​