Graduate (by Research)


Student Testimonials

     Edward Halim
     PhD graduate in Economics (2017)

I am deeply grateful for the immense opportunities provided by the School wh​ile pursuing a PhD degree in Economics. The ​school is well-equipped with advanced laboratories and academic resources critical for implementing complex experimental asset market projects for my dissertation. I have greatly benefited from intellectual discussions and knowledge sharing from dedicated professors and fellow students in the freshmen coursework, the brownbag seminars and the EGC series. The school has allowed me to develop stronger teaching skills while serving as a tutor, in three different undergraduate modules with more than 300 hours of lesson. Through the school’s funding and support, I have presented papers in both local and international conferences such as the 4th International Workshop (Xiamen), SERC 2015, EF 2015 (Nijmegen) and ESA 2016 (Jerusalem, Tucson). I have also attained invaluable organizational experiences while serving in the 2013 Graduate Student Committees. I am particularly grateful to my supervisor, Prof. Yohanes Eko Riyanto, whom has provided unwavering supports, tremendous help and guidances, and abundant opportunities to learn while working together with all the co-authors of the three papers. Thank you once again NTU SSS!​​​​​

​     Yang Hui
     MA graduate in Sociology (2017)

I am Yang Hui, an M.A. graduate of Class 2017 of Sociology. The three years I have spent in NTU would be one of the most valuable and memorable periods of my life. It is here at NTU that I have met some of the most awesome professors, ones that are always passionate about their work and would never hesitate to offer students a helping hand. I am also grateful for being able to have so many wonderful classmates at NTU. I could never forget those heated discussions we had in classes, at coffee tables, and during lunch breaks. With considerable support for students’ research, NTU has enabled me to participate in large research projects, conduct fieldwork overseas and attend international conferences in different countries. This coming August, I am going to present my Master’s thesis at the 79th Annual Meeting of Association for the Sociology of Religion in Montreal, Canada. I am very proud to be able to share the fruit of my three-year study at NTU with a broad audience. 


​     Oei Chie Ming, Adam
     PhD graduate in Psychology (2015)
I graduated from NTU with a PhD in Psychology in 2015. Looking back, the time spent here helped develop me as an independent researcher. My advisor was very encouraging and helped me to think beyond my research interests. Moreover, the grad level courses that I took were rigorous and looking back definitely helped prepare me for my current work. My fondest memories however, were the relationships with my peers which allowed us to share our journey and milestones in our studies. Fond memories indeed!