Student Testimonials

      Year 2 - Economics

​​​​​"After being in SSS Economics for 2 years, I changed the way I looked at the many subject matters beyond academics. The well-planned modules helped me develop second-order thinking, which is applicable beyond academics. All these are made possible and easier because of my professors, who are ever so patient and passionate about what they teach. Beyond academics, the professors are great people to converse with, providing students like me with invaluable insight on current affairs and career choices. All in all, I think the professors are what made SSS a great environment to be in."

     Year 4 - Psychology

​"I went to the University of Toronto, Canada, as part of my exchange programme. The teaching style at the host university was very different from what I am used to. This change pushed me out of my comfort zone but I preserved, adapted, and even got the results to prove it! This is what made my exchange experience so fulfilling – to know that I was able to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone. As I went during the winter semester, I was able to pick up snowboarding. Hence, when I was not in class or traveling around the North American continent, I would be hitting up the slopes in Ontario or Quebec."

     Nurul Syahirah 
     Year 1 - Public Policy and Global Affairs

​"As a fresh graduate from junior college, I was certain that the social sciences is what I wanted to pursue. The study of human relationships and the different elements that make up a society have always intrigued me. More specifically, I was keen to learn more about governance and how states manage their respective societies. Hence, I decided to major in Public Policy and Global Affairs at SSS. Unlike any other political science course in Singapore, NTU is the only university that offers public administration at an undergraduate level. Also, I am able to choose from a variety of modules so I can tailor my education journey here according to my interests. This makes my learning experience fulfilling and enriching!"

     Year 2 - Sociology ​

"Back in polytechnic, I found myself spending breaks in the library reading books about the society, media, and economy. The routine led me to a self-revelation - that I wanted to do sociology in my next step of higher education. Hence, NTU-SSS naturally seemed like the best fit, and indeed it is. To be taught by passionate professors and resourceful tutors has been the utmost enriching student experience - they have opened my mind to obscure realities and constantly seek to help me develop the sociological imagination."