Second Major in Economics


2nd Major in Economics

Eligibility Criteria
Students with cGPA score of 4.0 and above will be invited to apply for the Second Major programme at the end of their first year of study.
Curriculum Requirement
Students who choose to pursue a Second Major in Economics are required to complete and pass 5 core courses (16 AUs) and at least 6 prescribed electives (20 AUs).  
Important Notes
  • ​​​​​​​The 5 compulsory core courses must be read in NTU.
  • Students can clear a maximum of 3 Economics Electives during their exchange semester.
  • Students are not allowed to S/U the courses if they wish to fulfill the second major requirement.
  • Students are to select ANY courses from this list to fulfill the prescribed electives requirement of the second major.


​5 Compulsory Core Courses ​
Course Code Course Title AUs​
​HE9091 Principles of Economics​ ​3
​HE1004 Introduction to Statistical Theory & Methods ​3
​HE2001 Intermediate Microeconomics​ ​3
​HE2002 ​Intermediate Macroeconomics ​3
​HE4010 Sing​apore Economy in a Globalised World ​4
​6 Prescribed Electives ​ ​
1 ​​4 Level 2xxx/3xxx  12 AUs​
2 ​​2 HE4xxx  8 AUs