Master of Science in Applied Economics



Financial Assistance

Does the programme provide any financial assistance?

The MSc Applied Economics Programme is a self-funded programme. All candidates are expected to be financially capable of providing for themselves for the duration of their candidature. 

However, scholarships may be applicable to suitably qualified candidates. For more information, please refer to the Fees & Scholarships section. 

Service Obligation

Does the programme require a service obligation?

There is no service obligation for this programme.
Candidature Period

What is the candidature period for full-time and part-time candidates?

The candidature period is as follows:

1.      Full-time Candidates – Minimum of 3 trimesters (1 year) or a maximum of 6 trimesters (2 years)
2.      Part-time Candidates – Minimum of 5 trimesters (1.8 years) or a maximum of 12 trimesters
       (4 years)

Visa Application

How do we apply for student Visa?

Once you have been provided with an offer and upon offer acceptance, the MSc Applied Economic Programme Office will assist you in your application for the student visa.