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Ana Alves pic.jpg 

Ana Cristina Dias ALVES 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-05-04

Telephone: 6316 8741

Email: anacristina@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Foreign Policy, Development, Chinese Foreign Policy towards developing regions, China-Africa relations. 

Teaching Areas: Foreign Policy Analysis, Chinese Foreign Policy, Politics in the Developing World, China in Africa.

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Azusa Katagiri

Assistant Professor


: 6904 7103
Research Areas: Interstate conflict, foreign policy, and statistical and computational methods including text analysis and machine learning
Teaching AreasInternational relations, US foreign policy, quantitative analysis in International relations

CHEN Chung-An

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-15

Telephone: 6592 2499

Email: cchongan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Organisational Behaviour, Public Administration Theory, Policy Analysis.

Teaching Areas: Public Personnel Policies, Public Servant Motivation, Comparative Public Administration.

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CHOU Meng-Hsuan  

Associate Professor
Provost's Chair in PPGA
Head, PPGA

Office: HSS-06-10

6592 3707

Email: hsuan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Regionalism and Regional Integration (European Union, ASEAN), Institutional and Organisational Theory, Migration and Asylum Policy, Research and Higher Education Policy (Knowledge Policies). 

Teaching Areas: Fundamentals of Politics, Making Sense of Politics, Comparative Public Policy, Borderless Migration, European Union.

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Christopher HOLMAN  

Associate Professor


6592 3708

Email: cholman@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: History of Political Thought, Contemporary Political Theory, Critical Theory, Democratic Theory, Political Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and Politics.

Teaching Areas: Political Thought, Contemporary Political Theory.


Felicity CHAN

Assistant Professor
Office: HSS-04-93
Telephone:  6904 7115
Research Areas: Social Life in Cities, Planning/Design of Urban Built Environment, Spatial Ethnography, Urban Diversity.  
Teaching Areas: City Planning and Design, Urban Theory, Globalisation, Immigration.


Assistant Professor


6592 3720

Email: kkei@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: International Relations Theory, International Institutions (ASEAN), Institutional Change, International Security, East-Asian Regional Security, Comparative Regionalism, US-Japan Relations

Teaching Areas: International Relations Theory, International Security (East Asia), International Institutions, Foreign Policy.

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Assistant Professor
Office: HSS-05-02
Telephone: 6513 8179

Research Areas: Public Budgeting and Finance, Financial Management and Performance, Contracting out of Public Services, Institutional Arrangements in Policy Choices. 

Teaching Areas: Public Budgeting and Financial Management, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Method.

LIU Hong

Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Director, Nanyang Centre for Public Administration

Office: HSS-05-56
Telephone: 6592 7570

Research Areas: The Rise of China, Chinese International Migration, Nationalism, Transnationalism, Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance in the Global South, Talent Strategies and Management in China and Singapore.



Loh Ming Hui Dylan

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-06-07

Telephone: 65924308

Email: dylan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Chinese foreign policy, ASEAN, diplomacy and international political sociology



Nilay Saiya

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-06-03

Telephone: 65921717

Email: nilay.saiya@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas:  Religion and Global Politics, American Foreign Policy, Terrorism

Teaching Areas: International Relations, American Foreign Policy, International Security

Sabrina LUK

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-06-08

6904 7122

Email: slukcy@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Ageing and Healthcare Reforms, E-Government and Governance, Public Policy Analysis, China Studies. 

Teaching Areas: E-Government and Governance, Public Administration, Public Policy. 

Curriculum Vitae

walid 2.jpg
Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-06-05
Telephone: 6514 1721

Email: walid@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas:  Religion and politics, political Islam, political parties and elections, and Southeast Asian politics, with a special focus on Singapore and Malaysia.
Teaching Areas: Fundamentals of Politics, Comparative Politics of Asia

WANG Jue  

Associate Professor


Telephone: 6513 8130

Email: wangjue@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasScience and Technology Policy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Economic development 

Teaching areas: Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Science and Technology Policy, Innovation Policy, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods. 


WU Wei 

Associate Professor


6790 6793

Email: wwu@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasPolitical Communication, Organisational CommunicationEvaluation of Public Service Quality.

Teaching Areas: Political Communication, Public Administration.

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