Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Public Policy and Global Affairs

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Public Policy and Global Affairs is a four-year programme to prepare students for a career and leadership role in both public and private sectors in Singapore as well as in the Asian region.

With an interdisciplinary orientation and a focus on both Singaporean society, the direct honours degree programme offers courses that equip its graduates with multi-dimensional practical knowledge in areas such as policy analysis, programme evaluation, public financial management, human resource management, and non-profit management that enables them to contribute to the public, non-profit, or business sectors in Singapore. The professional training in political dynamics, international politics, comparative public administration, and global affairs also lays a solid foundation for graduates for a possible career in regional and international governmental organisations as well as regional and international non-governmental organisations.

Admission Requirements 

Candidates who meet the general admission requirements set by NTU will be considered for admissions. Please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions website for further details.​


Students admitting this coming AY2021 (NEW)

Students admitted in 2018 and after

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