Final Year Project (FYP) / Graduation Project


The Final Year Project (FYP) (8AUs) is undertaken during a student’s final year or when the student has fufilled the below requirements. The FYP is to be conducted over two consecutive semesters in NTU.


To obtain Honours (Highest Distinction & Distinction), students must complete their final year projects.


1) Students with CGPA of 3.90 and above must complete the FYP.

2) Those with CGPA between 3.75 and 3.89 may opt-in to do the FYP. This is subject to the approval by the 

3) Students with CGPA below 3.75 will not be allowed to conduct the FYP. 

4) Students who do not do the FYP are to take the relevant number of 4000-level courses to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement.


FYP Research Areas:

·       Comparative Public Administration

·       Comparative Public Policy

·       Comparative Politics in Asia

·       Global Governance and Regulation

·       Globalization and East Asian Politics

·       Government, Nonprofits and Society

·       International Security

·       Migration and Asylum Policy

·       Normative theories of International Relations

·       Performance Measurement in Public Sector

·       Policy Analysis and Evaluation

·       Political Communication

·       Political Theory

·       Politics and Government in Southeast Asia

·       Politics in Singapore

·       Public Administration in Southeast Asia

·       Public Administration in Singapore

·       Public Budgeting and Finance

·       Public Policy Making in Singapore

·       Science, Technology and Public Policy

·       Singapore's Foreign Policy

·       South-South relations


Files for Prospective FYP students

Commencement: (All Applications are now to be submitted online. A link will be sent to students in due course)


Submission to Programme:


Submission of FYP to DR-NTU:
• You may visit https://dr.ntu.edu.sg/
• DR-NTU Submission Guidelines: https://libguides.ntu.edu.sg/c.php?g=926884&p=6695137
• For any enquires on DR-NTU submission, please email library@ntu.edu.sg