Second Major in PPGA

Intake before August 2016​ | Intake after August 2016

*For PPGA 2nd Major students admitted in 2016 and after.

To take Public Policy and Global Affairs as their second Major, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.0 in their first year at university. Due to limited space, admission to the second Major is based on academic merit.

Students who choose Public Policy and Global Affairs as their second Major are required to complete the 3 core courses below and at least 8 prescribed electives from the below two  categories; at least 2 must be level 4000 courses.

  • HA1001 Introduction to International Relations
  • HA1003 Introduction to Public Administration
  • HA1012 Fundamentals of Politics


Politics and International Relations

  • HA1002 Introduction to Political Theory 
  • HA1011 Politics of Singapore
  • HA2003 Politics and Government in Southeast Asia
  • HA2004 Theories in International Relations
  • HA2005 Contemporary Political Theory
  • HA2006 The Rise of China
  • HA2015 China in Africa
  • HA2017 Foreign Policy Analysis
  • HA2023 Research Methodology in Social Sciences​
  • HA3003 The Politics of Ethnicity
  • HA3004 United States and East Asia
  • HA3005 Politics of the Developing World
  • HA3006 Asian Political Thought
  • HA3014 Singapore's Foreign Policy
  • HA3015 Media and Politics
  • HA3016 China's Foreign Policy
  • HA3018 Borderless Migration
  • HA3019 East Asian Security
  • HA3020 Justice
  • HA3021 Comparative Politics in Asia
  • HA4001 ASEAN in the 21st Century
  • HA4002 Politics of Democratization in East and West
  • HA4003 Globalization and East Asian Politics
  • HA4004 Terrorism and Security
  • HA4013 Advanced Topics in Democratic Theory: Democracy & Division 
  • HA4014 European Union
  • HA4016 Global Cities: Policy and Politics
  • HA4022 International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
    • HA4023 The Politics of Social Policy

Public Policy and Public Administration

  • HA2008 Government, Nonprofits and Society
  • HA2009 The Making of E-government
  • HA2010 Public Administration in Southeast Asia
  • HA2011 Cost-benefit Analysis in Public Policy
  • HA2012 Global Problems and Policy
  • HA2013 Comparative Public Policy
  • HA2014 Public Organization and Management
  • HA2016 Global Governance & Regulation
  • HA2020 Socio-Political Analysis in Public Policy 
  • HA2021 Public Administration in Singapore
  • HA2022 Public Policy-making in Singapore
  • HA2024 Statistical Foundations for Public Administration and Policy
  • HA3007 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • HA3008 Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship
  • HA3009 Comparative Public Administration
  • HA3010 Mass Media and Public Policy
  • HA3011 Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • HA3013 Managing Human Behavior in the Public Sector
  • HA4005 Constitutional and Administrative Law in Singapore
  • HA4006 Special Topic in Public Administration
  • HA4008 Ethics of Public Administration and Policy
  • HA4009 Special Issues in Public Policy
  • HA4010 Technology, Innovation and Policy
  • HA4011 Public Administration: Past, Present & Future
  • HA4012 Challenging Issues in Singapore
  • HA4015 Performance Management in the Public Sector
  • HA4017 Economic Issues for Public Decision Making
  • HA4018 Policy Evaluation​
  • HA4024 Environmental Change and Policy Design
  • HA4025 Designing and Conducting Qualitative Research
  • HA4026 Selected Topics in Healthcare and Ageing