Code of Ethics

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There are certain ethical principles for conducting research with human subjects, that must be adhered to:

    1. Competence of the psychologist/researcher: In this context, the term "psychologist" refers to a person who functions as a professional psychologist as well as a psychology student conducting psychological research using human or non-human subjects. A psychologist should only conduct psychological research in areas where the psychologist has had proper training with demonstrated competence or working under the supervision of a psychologist with relevant competence.

    2. Consent of the participant: Where human participants are involved, informed consent has to be obtained from the participant. By informed consent, it is meant to thoroughly brief the participant about the nature of the empirical study, the psychological diagnosis and intervention. Effort should be made to ensure that the participant fully understands the nature of the participation. A debriefing about the study should be conducted at the conclusion of the study, especially where deception has been used as a part of the study.

    3. Protection of participant's welfare: Effort has to be made to ensure that no harm, either psychological or physical, could be caused by the participation in the psychological experiment, diagnosis, and intervention.

    4. Confidentiality: The psychologist/researcher keeps confidential any information generated from the professional interaction with the participant. This includes empirical study data, diagnostic results and the nature and progress of intervention.

Ethics Committee
In order to ensure adherence to these principles, the Ethics Committee examines all research proposals and projects undertaken by faculty members in Psychology. This administrative body oversees research activities in Psychology and comprises:

  • ​Nanyang Assistant Professor, Psychology: Gianluca Esposito (Chair and Convener)
  • Nanyang Assistant Professor, Psychology: Bobby Cheon
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology: Charles Or
  • Nanyang Assistant Professor, Psychology: Gerrit Maus
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology: Olivia Choy
  • Associate Professor, Psychology: Ryo Kitada
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