BSocSci (Hons) in Psychology with 2nd Major in Biological Sciences



Level 1000 and 2000 courses provide broad overviews of major areas of psychology. They serve as the basic foundation for more advanced studies in psychology.

HP1000 Introduction to Psychology
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research
HP2100 Research Design and Data Analysis in Psychology
HP2200 Biological Psychology
HP2300 Developmental Psychology
HP2400 Social Psychology
HP2500 Personality and Individual Differences
HP2600 Cognitive Psychology
HP2700 Abnormal Psychology

Level 3000 courses are lecture-tutorial courses on more specialised fields of psychology.

HP3002 Positive Psychology
HP3003 Engineering Psychology
HP3004 The Psychology of Food and Eating
HP3100 Selected Topics in Basic Psychological Sciences
HP3101 Applied Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
HP3200 Selected Topics in Social and Personality Psychology
HP3201 Evolutionary Psychology
HP3203 Conservation Psychology
HP3204 An Ape's Guide to Human Language
HP3300 Selected Topics in Applied Psychological Sciences
HP3302 Cognitive Development
HP3402 Social Cognition
HP3501 Human Motivation
HP3601 Human Memory
HP3603 Sensation and Perception​
HP3702 Child Psychopathology
HP3703 Health Psychology
HP3704 Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology
HP3708 Biopsychosocial Criminology
HP3802 Personnel Psychology
HP3804 Psychological Testing
HP3805 Managing Organisational Behavior
HP3806 Consumer Psychology
HP3807 Occupational Health Psychology​
HP3901 Cultural Psychology

Level 4000 courses are divided into four types: Laboratory courses, Professional courses, Seminars and Graduation Project/FYP (for eligible students).