Current Course Offerings

Course​​ Title Coordinator
HP1000 Introduction to Psychology Victoria Leong / Qu Li
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research Tan Chin Hong
HP2100 Research Design & Data Analysis in Psychology Ringo Ho
HP2300 Developmental Psychology Setoh Pei Pei
HP2400 Social Psychology Albert Lee
HP2600 Cognitive Psychology Charles Or
HP2700 Abnormal Psychology Gianluca Esposito​ / Annabel Chen​
​HP3002 Positive Psychology​ ​Andy Ho
​HP3203 ​Conservation Psychology ​Michael Gumert
​HP3204 An Ape's Guide to Human Language​ Suzy Styles​
HP3205 Animal Behaviour Michael Gumert
HP3206 Environmental Psychology Kenichi Ito
HP3303 Geropsychology Wayne Freeman Chong
HP3402 Social Cognition Wan Ching
HP3702 Child Psychopathology Qu Li
HP3708 Biopsychosocial Criminology Olivia Choy
​HP3802 ​Personnel Psychology ​Paul Englert​
HP4021 Laboratory in Animal and Human Neuroscience Victoria Leong
HP4031 Laboratory in Developmental Psychology Setoh Pei Pei
HP4051 Laboratory in Personality and Individual Differences Joyce Pang
HP4063 Research Lab in Language in Perception and Thought Suzy Styles
HP4102 Trauma Psychology & Crisis Management Fred Long
HP4103 The Forensic Psychology of Crime, Terrorism & Disasters Majeed Khader
​HP4104 ​Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Psychology ​Chermain Wong Shu Min
​HP4105 ​Correctional Psychology ​Gabriel Ong
HP4107 Industrial-Organisational Psychology in Practice Paul Englert
HP4201 Technology and Social Behaviour Qiu Lin
HP4233 Social Coginition in Childhood Setoh Pei Pei
HP4243 Intergroup Relations Bobby Cheon
​HP4271 ​Cognitive Plasticity ​Tan Chin Hong
​HP4273 Introduction to Functional Neuroimaging​ ​Ryo Kitada
Are You Okay? Mental Health in Singapore Lim Choon Guan​
Introduction to Human Resource Management
James Chan
Psychology of Crisis Stress Management
Jansen Ang