Second Major in Psychology



To be awarded a Second Major in Psychology, students must complete five Psychology core and six Psychology elective courses.

Psychology Core

Students must complete the following two courses. These two courses are prerequisites for most other core courses.

HP1000 Introduction to Psychology
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research

Students must complete three courses from the following:

Psychology Elective

Psychology electives are level 3000 and 4000 courses. Students must complete six Psychology elective courses, out of which at least two must be level 4000 courses.

For list of courses, please click here.

Important notes to students going on exchange (both overseas and local)

  • All Second Major courses must be read as GER-UEs.
  • All Psychology Core courses must be completed in NTU.
  • Students are only allowed to complete up to a maximum of three courses during the exchange and count them towards fulfilling their Psychology Elective requirement.
  • For a course to be counted towards the second major requirement, it must not be graded 'S' (Satisfactory)'.


For more information on Second Major programmes, please refer to the Office of Academic Services website at