The Programme welcomes applications from GCE 'A' Level students and polytechnic diploma holders. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to sit for a written test and/or interview to assess their suitability for the programme.
Undergraduate Admissions
The Programme looks out for candidates with strong critical thinking and writing skills. There is no single subject that gives you these skills: you can develop them by studying biology, chemistry, economics, geography, history, language, literature, mathematics, physics, etc – any subject that requires you to think through the material and write about it. In addition, we regard an active interest in current affairs, both within Singapore and internationally, as essential in a Sociology applicant.
You need to meet NTU’s general admission requirements, and a good Polytechnic diploma OR strong ‘A’ levels (including a good pass in GP or K&I). If you are a Polytechnic candidate, you’ll need to have at least a pass in GCE ’O’ Level English Language and your other GCE ‘O’ level subjects may be considered. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and the division also interviews and administers writing tests for select candidates.
Students must satisfy the basic requirements for admission into NTU.
1) For GCE 'A' level Holders
Examination in the English medium must be obtained in all of the following: 

Three GCE 'A' level subjects with passes in at least two subjects at advanced level;
A pass in General Paper, which may be waived in special cases where, in the opinion of the Admissions Selection Committee, the applicants have done exceptionally well in other subjects at 'A', 'AO' or 'O' levels;
A minimum grade D7 in a mother tongue language at GCE 'A' level or a pass in Chinese B/ Malay B/ Tamil B or a minimum grade of D7 in a higher mother tongue language; and
2) For Local Polytechnic Diploma Holders
Application is opened to all local Polytechnic Diploma holders regardless of the diploma obtained.
More details on admission can be found here.