Environment and Sustainability


Genuine dialogue among scholars from different disciplines can help foster sustainable development. Research within this cluster aims to develop strategies and techniques for managing social, political, economic, cultural and environmental challenges. The Environment and Sustainability Research Cluster organizes Sustainability Salons​ and the Education for Sustainability​ in Asia community of practice​​.

Cluster Coordinator

Md Saidul Islam

Md Saidul Islam’s research interests include environmental sociology and international development, and he has descriptions of 3 current projects in his profile page

Yan Jubo​

Jubo Yan is an assistant professor in Economics at Nanyang Technological University. He received his Ph.D. from the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. His primary research interests are behavioral economics and experimental economics especially the topics that concern individual decisions under risk and uncertainty. In addition, he also conducts empirical research in the field of environmental economics and energy economics.

Cluster Members

​Miles A. Powell​ ​​Miles A. Powell received his BA and MA from Simon Fraser University, where he researched the environmental history of Native herring fisheries in British Columbia. He completed doctoral studies at the University of California-Davis, developing fields in environmental history, American history, and world history. His first book, Looming Abyss: Racial Peril and the Specter of Extinction in American Conse​rvation (under contract, Harvard UP), uses discourses of extinction to explore connections between racial attitudes and environmental thought in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century America. He is Assistant Professor of Environmental History at NTU in Singapore, where he is researching the global history of human interactions with sharks in the twentieth century.
Ng Yew Kwang

Professor Ng Yew Kwang has worked in welfare economics, proposed mesoeconomics (a simplified general equilibrium analysis with both micro and macro elements) and welfare biology. He has published refereed papers in leading journals in economics, including AER (7 papers), Economica (9), EJ (6), JET, JPE (3), REStud (2), Social Choice & Welfare (13), and in biology, cosmology, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Samara Anne Cahill

Having previously published on the contemporary response to the London earthquakes of 1750, Samara Anne Cahill is now examining the trope of deforestation in eighteenth-century English literature. Deforestation was represented not only negatively in relation to environmental and moral concerns (deforestation as an act of impiety) but also positively in relation to England’s political, military, and colonial capabilities (deforestation supplied wood for the ships that made England a great naval power in the eighteenth century).

​Zhan Shaohua
​Shaohua Zhan’s research involves economic sociology, global development, rural change, urbanization, labor migration, social inequality and food security. His work deals with the issues how to achieve sustainable and equitable development in populous Asian countries. He is currently working on land dispossession and urbanization in China.