Grant Applications and Guidelines


AcRF Tier 1 Grant Call

The Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 Grant Call 2020 (Call 2/2020) is now open. A proposal must be prepared and submitted online in NORA (via Stafflink/ Research Services/ Nanyang Online Research Administration (NORA).
Please note the following School internal deadlines and some key points:
Internal Deadlines:
By 04 Sept 2020, Friday – Submit the finalised proposal via NORA. The submitted proposal will be routed to the Associate Chair - Social Sciences (Research)'s Office for the necessary admin checks and to seek the endorsement of th​e Associate Chair - Social Sciences (Research) .
Important Notes:
1. For proposal submitted under the Accountancy, Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences discipline cluster, the proposed budget must be less than $100,000 i.e. referees not required.
2. The latest online guide for NORA is accessible when you go into the online system via a [Help] button at top right hand corner of the screen

3. Please comply with the Tier 1 Fundable/Non‐Fundable items guidelines (see attachments) for your proposed expenditures.
4. PIs may make budgetary justifications for items such as: equipment, consumables and conference travel in the research proposals. Indirect costs are not applicable.
5. Under the budget section, please refer to the list of fundable and non-fundable items under AcRF Tier 1 research projects and is for the Schools’ compliance.
6. Eligibility:
  a. Each PI is allowed to submit only one application.
  b. Full Time Faculty Members of NTU who hold primary appointment at the university for a minimum of 9 months a year are eligible to apply.
  c. Please note that Visiting Professors, Adjunct Professors and research staffs are not eligible to apply.
  d. Due to strict budget limitations, PIs are strongly discouraged to hold consecutive Tier 1 awards. PIs who were awarded a Tier 1 award in Call 1 2020 are not eligible to apply for this current call
  e. Applicants with overdue Tier 1 reports (before grant call closing date) are not eligible to apply. The period of ineligibility will continue until the overdue reports are submitted.
8. Submission:
  a. Please submit your proposal via NORA :
      i. NTU StaffLink > Research Services > NORA
  b. Proposals submitted via NORA must be supported by the School
  c. All proposals must be endorsed and submitted by RSO by Monday, 21 Sept 2020, 5.00pm.

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