Grant Applications and Guidelines


AcRF Tier 2 Grant Call

The MOE Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 2 August 2021 Grant Call is now open. The AcRF Tier 2 funds research projects on a competitive basis across the Singapore-based universities.
Each grant proposal submitted should have a total project value (TPV) between $500,000 and $1 million over a three - year duration. Projects under Accountancy, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences discipline cluster (EP4) with TPV of $100,000 and above are eligible for funding under AcRF Tier 2
Principal Investigators (PI) and Co-investigators (co-PI) must be full-time faculty (holding appointment and perform duties at the AU for a minimum of 9 months a year) of the AUs in order to be eligible for AcRF Tier 2 funding. Collaborators can be based overseas. AcRF Tier 2 funding can only be spent on research conducted in the AUs.
If you wish to submit a proposal for this call, we would appreciate it if you can submit by 2 April 2021, Friday. The internal deadline is for the processing of proposals so as to meet RSO’s stipulated submission deadline to the School. There is no need to obtain signatures (from PIs, collaborators, etc.) for this first round submission for review by the NTU Research Council.
PIs are strongly encouraged to seek input from senior colleagues both within and outside the University on the formulation of their drafts. Please submit your proposal early to these senior colleagues to allow sufficient time for their review, and for their feedback to you to enhance the proposal.
PIs must submit the proposal, the application form, CVs, quotations, Annexes (if applicable), plagiarism report from iThenticate or Turnitin and the completed summary table. For your information and reference for filling the summary table-
(1) For the column on ‘Thematic Peaks of Excellence’, please indicate if the Tier 2 proposal / topic is related to the 5 Peaks, otherwise please indicate ‘N.A.’.
(2) For the column on ‘Secondary EP’, do note that if the scope of a proposal falls beyond a single discipline cluster, PIs should highlight to RSO that it is an interdisciplinary proposal and indicate a primary EP and a secondary EP for evaluation, if this is not applicable to your submission, please indicate ‘Nil’.
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