Grant Applications and Guidelines


AcRF Tier 3 Grant Call

The MOE will be issuing a grant call for the 2018 round for Tier 3 White Papers around Feb 2019. We need to start our preparation for this competitive grant scheme early.
The following are pertinent information about the Tier 3 programme:  
  • Full time academic faculty of NTU and those who are in the process of joining NTU are eligible to apply as PI
  • ​The Tier 3 funding scheme to enable high impact, multi-disciplinary research at universities to be carried out in a comprehensive and organized manner
  • There are two categories of awards in Tier 3
     • Type A – funding quantum of maximum $10 million over 5 years
     • Type B – funding quantum of maximum $25 million over 5 years
  • Organization of project team: Led by Lead PI who will oversee senior PIs and PIs
  • Funding for EOM of research staff and PhD students (number of students supported restricted by MOE)
  • NTU's submission to MOE is limited to six Tier 3 White Papers (restricted on a university basis)

Application process
  • Submission of Indication of Interest (IOI) - Latest by 15 Jun 2018, 5pm
  • ​Submission of Draft Whitepapers (6 pages) - Latest by 7 Sept 2018, 5pm
  • Review by NTURC (First Round of Screening) - Oct to Nov 2018 
  • Submission of Revised Draft Whitepapers (by invitation only) - Jan 2019
  • Final Shortlisting by NTURC - End Jan / Early Feb 2019
Attachments available h​ere​