Grant Applications and Guidelines


MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund

MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) 2020 grant call
The Ministry of Education (MOE) Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) is now open for application.

MOE requires NTU to review and shortlist the proposals prior to submission. Please note the internal deadlines for the MOE TRF call. 

Internal deadlines for MOE TRF grant call  

When​ ​What ​How
17 June 2020 ​Submit Indicative of Interest (IOI) ​​Login to the Grant Directory to submit
​17 June 2020 ​School to perform adminstrative checks and RSO internal review
School to submit proposal to RSO for NTU internal review by 1 July 2020
​Submit the following forms to:
Belinda Lim ( and Rachel Yee (cnyee@

1. Email confirmation of no NTU contribution (cash/incremental in-kind) for proposed project
2. MOE TRF application form and supporting documents
3. Summary table (filled in from Column A to O)
​17 July 2020 ​For PI's refinement: Return of reviewers' feedback to PIs ​RSO send reviewer's feedback to PI via the School Admin
​By 22 July 2020, noon ​School to perfrom checks and submission for D-RSO's endorsement ​PI to submit revised softcopy application with Lead PI/PI/Co-PI signatures to Belinda Lim ( and Rachel Yee (
​27 July 2020, noon ​D-RSO's endorsement
Complete softcopy proposal
​School Admin submit revised softcopy proposal to RSO
The email should state:
  • School's support for the proposal 
  • NTU contribution (cash/incremental in-kind)
​3 August 2020, noon ​Submission to MOE ​RSO submits endorsed proposals to MOE
4 August 2020, noon Grant call has CLOSED -
For more details about the grant, please click here​

For any enquiries on MOE TRF, please contact Jia Fang at