Grant Applications and Guidelines


Merlion Grant Call

Merlion 2019 Program
We are pleased to inform you that the MERLION 2019 PROGRAM – Call for Joint Franco-Singaporean Research Projects Proposals is open for application. 

This call and the subsequent support for the selected projects aim to create or strengthen existing scientific co-operation between France and Singapore. Submitted projects must be joint research projects involving a French and a Singaporean partner. Therefore, the aim of this fourteenth call for proposals is: 
•       To provide support for joint scientific and technological projects, 
•       To enable scientists to meet and implement collaborative projects, 
•       To encourage the creation and development of scientific networks between France and Singapore and joint research laboratories jointly
•       To facilitate technology transfer and the creation of startups 

The application has to be a joint effort by both the French and Singaporean partners. By making a joint application, both parties implicitly agree to co-funding of their joint project. The maximum total amount allocated is
  • €30,000 for Merlion Project (€7,500 per annum per project over 2 years)
  • €20,000 for Merlion Workshop
The financial support from the Singaporean side has to be equivalent to the French financial support and the total funding cannot exceed the maximum amount as stated above. 

Application Procedure: 
•        Read the full set of criteria here 
•        Read​ the FAQ. Click here for the application process  
•        Fill out the form with your French partner (one form by project). The submission of a project proposal must be made jointly by both French and Singaporean supervisors. 
•        For this current round, please note that the application will be done online through Campus France Paris Website.
•        Please note that only Word Version with clear object will be considered.
•        Modification is allowed until 20 September 2019 (make sure that your application strictly follow the call for proposal's guidelines)
•        Results will be known in January 2020. The funding starts from End of January 2020.
•        In case of technical difficulties, please contact​.
Deadline: Proposals are to be submitted to Campus France Paris Website by 20 September 2019 (there shoud only be one application submitted per project through the French Supervisor).
All applicants are requested to ensure that they have complied with the French Embassy’s instructions as there will be no administrative checks.  
Applicants are requested to submit a duplicate copy of the full set of application documents to their School Administrators by 20 September 2019.