Grant Applications and Guidelines


NRF - The Science of Learning Initiative

This NRF initiative aims to grow and strengthen Singapore’s research capabilities and grow a pool of manpower in relevant research areas.  NRF seeks to develop a science-based understanding of the effectiveness of Singapore’s education methods as well as develop new methods to realise better learning outcomes.  

More details about the NRF Science of Learning Initiative Call for Proposals are available here​

​Please see below for pertinent information about the NRF Science of Learning Initiative Call for Proposals:

  • ​Research Challenges
      1. ​Developing neuroscience-informed interventions for translation​
      2. Validation of cognitive theories or interventions with neuroscientific evidence
      3. Development of platform technologies as tools to support scaling of interventions
      4. Other areas 

Funding is up to $100,000, inclusive of 20% indirect costs for one year.

Lead and Co-PIs at the point of application must fulfil the following requirements:
  • Hold a primary full-time appointment in a Singapore publicly-funded institution
  • Have a laboratory or research programme that carries out research in  Singapore and
  • Have no outstanding reports from other national grants

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