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Social Science Research Thematic Grant (SSR)

Social Science Research Thematic Grant (SSRTG)
The Social Science Research Thematic Grant aims to encourage high-quality and impactful social science and humanities research in areas of strategic relevance to Singapore. It supports social science and humanities research projects, programmes or centres with bearing on key societal and economic issues affecting Singapore and the region. It aims to catalyse collaborations among existing research performers in Singapore, and encourage the effective use and adoption of innovative and inter-disciplinary methodologies, techniques and approaches. It also aims to support pathways to impact, including the test-bedding of ideas arising from research.

The themes for 2020 SSRTG are as follows:

Theme 1: The Future of Society

·  Understanding how society can address challenges arising from evolving local and global social and economic dynamics.

Theme 2: The Future Economy

·     Understanding how Governments, firms and the workforce can cope with or take advantage of structural shifts in the global and local economies, changes in technology, and other emerging economic challenges and opportunities.

Theme 3: The Impact of Climate Change

Understanding through a science, technology and society (STS) approach^, the impact of climate change on societies and economies, and measures to address its consequences.

^The STS approach refers to how society, politics and culture affect science and technology and vice versa.

Theme 4: Open category

This is an open category to examine any topics of interest, in particular to Singapore and the region that are not covered by Theme 1, 2 and 3, and approach them from various perspectives in the social sciences and humanities.

Dea​dlines (SSS only)
​Purpose​ ​Action by PI
​15 June 2020 ​Submission of 

i. Indication of Interest (IOI)
ii. Project Abstract
Kindly send an email to Rachel ( to express your interest
​​14 July 2020 
​Submission of 1st Draft for NTU Internal Review - All PIs, mandatory

i. Complete Proposal
ii. Summary table (to be filled in by PIs from Column A to O)
​1. Email submission to Rachel ( and Belinda (,sg) and cc (

02 September 2020 For submission to MOE [selected 15 PIs only]

i. Completed application with signatures of PI, Co-PIs and Collaborators, whichever applicable
ii. Revised proposal
iii. All supporting documents
iv. Email confirmation of no NTU contribution (cash/incremental in-kind)
v. Summary table (to fill in Column A to S) School Adminstrator is to  verify P to S
​1. Email submission to Rachel ( and Belinda (,sg) and cc (

After ACR office has done the admin checks, applications will be forwarded to RSO with our comments for their admin checks. DOR endorsement will be obtained after all necessary changes are revised by PI.
​25 September 2020 ​Grant Call Closes ​Submission will be made before deadline

For more information, please refer to the email announcement here​ 

PIs and co-PIs must hold a primary full-time appointment in the university to be eligible for the application.