Grant Applications and Guidelines


Start Up Grant (SUG) Call

Start-Up Grants (SUG) are funded by the Provost to enable new faculty (Asst Prof or above) to start their research as soon as possible after joining the university. They are awarded once, on an individual basis, normally within the first six months of the faculty’s employment. The up​per limit of the SUG is $35,000, unless other agreements have been made contractually.​
There are two SUG calls – in August and January – each academic year. The two grant calls are scheduled close to the start of each semester, when most faculty begin their appointments. Should incoming faculty wish for their SUGs to begin as soon as they start at NTU, the College accepts rolling applications from them up to two months before they arrive, provided their appointments have been confirmed.
The first grant call for AY2018-19 is now open for submission. Faculty who joined NTU after March 2018 or will join by October 2018 are to submit their applications for this grant call. The applications are to reach the AC(R) Office by the internal deadline of Friday, 7 September 2018.
New SUG applications can have durations of up to three years
Attachment below is the updated application form. Please submit completed forms through the Associate Chair (Research) of each School. Please inform applicants of the guidelines and FAQs regarding the preparation of their SUG applications and guidelines on the purchase of books.
SUG proposals should include the following:
  • Title of the project
  • Principal Investigator’s details, including name, designation, division/school, start date in NTU
  • Duration of project (a maximum of three years)
  • An abstract of the project
  • Details of the proposal, including a statement of the research question(s), a description of the methodology, and the significance of the research.
  • Projected outcome and deliverables, including an indication of potential publications and training of students.
  • Amount of funding requested and a preliminary budget breakdown. Please itemize and justify the need for    each item and, where possible, attach quotations for major equipment items.
  • The PI’s Curriculum Vitae
  • A statement of support by the Associate Chair (Research)
  • A statement of support by the School Chair (if amount of funding requested is more than $35,000)
  • PI's salary proposal form indicating approval and source(s) of funding (amounts to be funded from the University and School respectively), where the grant requested is over $35,000​
Please be reminded that the SUG and RSS have been decoupled. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for a Research Student Scholarship as part of the Start-Up Grant application.

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